General Information

The School Day

The school day begins at 8.45 a.m and ends at 3.15pm. The children line up in their classes in the playground, but if there is inclement weather the children will be able to come into school from 8.35 a.m. Latecomers must sign in at the school office and their late arrival is noted in the register. No children should arrive at school earlier than 8.35 a.m. as the school cannot be responsible for them before this time.The day begins with registration for both attendance and school dinners. At the end of the day children are escorted to the playground by their teacher to be collected by their parents or carer.

Morning Activity
8.45am Registration
8.50am Class Time and Assembly Time
10.30am Playtime
10.45am Class Time
12.00pm Lunchtime
1.00pm Class Time
2.30pm KS1 Playtime
2.40pm Class Time
3.10pm KS1 Home
3.15pm KS2 Home

Class Organisation and Teaching Staff

Every effort is made to organise classes so that there are no more than 30 children to a class. From year to year, however, the size of age groups varies, as do the needs of individual children.Within each class, children will be taught as a whole class, in groups both of mixed and similar ability and individually where necessary.All class teachers welcome contact with parents and carers at mutually convenient times to discuss matters relating to the academic, social and personal welfare of children in their care. Please do not hesitate to contact staff when you have a need to.