What is the PTA?

The abbreviation stands for Parent Teacher Association. Most schools have them. Their

purpose is primarily to fundraise for their school. However they also bring the school

community together through the events and activities they arrange.


Who are Barcombe School’s PTA members?

You! Welcome to Barcombe School Parent Teacher Association!

All parents, carers and teachers are automatic members; and we do rely on your support. Some of us have voluntarily taken a more active role in supporting and organising the activities of the PTA. We form a committee which currently (2016/17) comprises the following people:


Chairperson – Vacant

Liaison with Mrs Force – Juliette Scripps

Treasurer – Zoe Douglass

Secretary – Alice Fry

Commitee Members & Hedgehog Class PTA Representative – Kate Christie & Phillippa Townsend

Committee Member & Squirrel Class PTA Representative – Gemma Ryan Rachel Brown

Committee Member & Badger Class PTA Representative – Jo Walker

Committee Member & Fox Class PTA Representative – Julie Anne Stokes & Charlotte Strong

Committee Member & Owl Class PTA Representative – Anna Archer & Alice Fry

Committee Member – Mrs Force (Head Teacher)

Committee Member – Jacqui Tomsett

Committee Member (second hand uniform) – Emilie Burt

Committee Member – Ruth Wallis

Committee Member – Gilly Shapiro

Committee Member – Mel Lundin


Should you be interested in joining the PTA committee please speak to any of us. Someone from the school office will point one of us out to you if you are new and do not know who is who!


Meetings – what is the commitment?!

The Annual General Meeting of the PTA is normally held during the first school term

when committee members rejoin and when the posts of Chair, Treasurer and

Secretary are refilled. Notice is given to the wider membership via a letter in the book bags at the beginning of term


The committee then meets once a term; further meetings are arranged as and when necessary. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the PTA, please contact any of the committee. We’d love to hear from you! You can do as much or as little as you like.


Second Hand School Uniform:

The PTA co-ordinates the sale of second hand Barcombe School uniform. If you have

any unwanted uniform, please hand them to Emilie Burt or Alice Fry or drop them off at the

School Office. The PTA holds a sale every term – please watch the notice board for

details of these, or you can contact Alice on

Fund Raising

We organize several fund raising events throughout the year:

The Christmas Fair

A curry and quiz night around Easter

A Summer event (usually aimed at the children having some fun!)


How has the PTA helped the School?

The PTA funded, designed and implemented the school garden in 2012. Each class has a raised bed. We are very grateful for the work of parents Loretta Bosence and Brian Lane on this.

Story sacks have been created and given to the school by the PTA. We are very grateful to parent Ruth Wallis for her efforts with these.

The PTA funded an ipad for the school in 2013, and paid for computer equipment in 2016.

In 2014 we paid for a visit to the school by a Planetarium which the children all loved.

We pay for the school’s sports “away” kit and the Year 6 leaver’s hoodies.

We also regularly contribute to the coaches required for school trips.


Autumn Term Social

This school year we facilitated an autumn term social for children and parents in Hedgehogs. It was on a Sunday in the top room at the Royal Oak.  There was a light buffet and games for the children.  It was such a success that we hope to do it again next year!


Class lists

Each class rep is responsible for obtaining, maintaining and distributing within the class, the contact details of parents new to the school.

For the reception year we hope to get a parent rep fairly early in the autumn term to start this process.

However, don’t worry, there is no obligation to share your details if you don’t want to.

Although it is very useful for doing the invitations to those parties . . . !



If you have any fund raising ideas you want to share, then please come and talk to us!

Also, if you have any exciting things you think will benefit the children, then please do discuss it with the teachers to see if it fits with the Curriculum and what they are teaching. If it does then the teachers can put through a request to the PTA via Mrs Force and we will see what we can do.