Additional Information

What links do we have with our local churches?
We have strong links with St Mary's, Barcombe.
The Rector, Rev Sam Carter, is a regular visitor to school to teach RE alongside teachers and to lead a weekly collective worship. He is also a Federation governor.
Ali Brown (Church and Family Mission) runs our Y Club every Thursday lunchtime for children who wish to learn more about Christianity and how Christian beliefs support everyday life. During Covid lockdowns, she recorded a collective worship video for us to use in class each week. These collective worships were based on Christian values.
We hold our Harvest, Christmas and Easter Services at St Mary's, Barcombe.
We visit St Francis Church as part of our RE topics and to interact with community groups.
Our Year 6 pupils attend the Diocesan Leavers' Celebration each year.
What charities does our school currently support?
Each class chooses a charity to support for an academic year and holds different fundraising events. 
Our current charities are:
Hedgehogs and Squirrels - Raystede Animal Centre
Badgers and Foxes - Bevern Trust
Owls - Patina
We also support other charities during the year through a variety of events. These include Christian Aid, British Heart Foundation, Sport Relief, Comic Relief, Kent and Sussex Air Ambulance and Children in Need. 
Links with other schools
We have links with schools in France and Sierra Leone.
RE syllabus
We follow the East Sussex Agreed Syllabus for RE. Understanding Christianity is used to inform planning for RE teachers. The Emmanuel Project is used an additional support, especially for other faiths. 
Our intent is for our pupils to become religiously literate or develop their existing religious literacy: the ability to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religions and beliefs. 
Each term, we focus on a different value. This is reflected in central areas and in classrooms. For the values cycle, please see the attached document.

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