Health & Wellbeing


"Health and Wellbeing is a vital part of children's lives nowadays, it is crucial that we give the children of the future an opportunity to understand the importance of living their lives healthily, not just physically, but mentally too. We are aiming to make every child feel that they are given an equal opportunity, to feel as good about themselves by taking part in these activities, as humanly possible!"

Louis Munnery (Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator)

Mr Munnery

Mr Munnery, our Sports Coach, leads PE sessions for all classes in our school (while supporting teaching staff in developing their PE teaching pedagogy). 

He also leads a number of active and innovative after school clubs (multi-skills and football). 

We are also a very proud DAILY MILE school and run a mile of our school playground every morning at 08.50am. 

T. 01273 400287 E. A. School Path, Barcombe, East Sussex, BN8 5DN