Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Barcombe CE Primary School

We have a daily act of Collective Worship which is of a Christian nature given our status as a Church school.

We use a variety of resources to make these as interactive, engaging and relevant as possible to the pupils. They follow the church calendar and are linked to the Christian values that underpin our school ethos and vision.

Each day is slightly different but will include gathering, engagement, prayer, singing and sending out. 

Monday Collective Worship focusses on looking after God's world through eco-initiatives and is led by Mr Cogger and other teachers.

Tuesday Collective Worship is led by Mr James, our Executive Headteacher. It focusses on values and kindness.

On Wednesdays, our Collective Worship is usually led by Rev Sam Carter, Rector of St Mary's, Barcombe.

Our Thursdays, Collective Worship is hymn practice where children learn a wide range of hymns and songs to sing in collective worships.

On Fridays, we gather to celebrate the achievements of the week. Stickers and certificates are awarded and the children choose the topics for our prayers to say thank you and ask God's help.



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